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Caboodle Textiles Brand Rep Search – Spring 2019

Brand Rep Search Now Open

Caboodle Textiles are once again opening up the search for customers to join our team.

We are looking for UK Based sewers / sewists / seamstresses, seammasters, tailors and fabric sculpters. Whatever your favourite name we are interested to hear from you.

We are looking for people to join the Brand Rep team for Feb, March and April.

Please read our terms and conditions before entering. You will be asked to sign and return them before receiving any fabrics. 

We are particularly interested in adding video creators (unboxing of fabrics and showing your making) and or Pinterest board users to our current Brand Rep Team. We will be looking to take on 2-3 reps with one or both of these particular skills in addition to sewing and photographing to a high standard.

Please submit photos or video in the comments below  our announcement Facebook post.

Include any appropriate information about the things you like to sew and fabrics you like to work with. When submitting multiple items please do so as a reply to your original entry so its easy to see they are all together.

Please do not submit images which are not your own photographs or not your own work. Please do not submit images of Children unless you have the legal right to do so. The children you submit in these photos should be the children you will use for your brand rep photography.

Your ability to create high quality fabric flat lay photographs is as important as the ability to take good actions shots so an image of each style would be helpful.

Please also include a link to your IG account or FB page/profile, Pinterest or YouTube account if you would use that to represent Caboodle Textiles.

Please do not enter by email or private message as they get separated from other entries and are hard to find at closing time.

Midnight Sunday 20th January

Those selected will be contacted by the end Jan 2019.

Thank you everyone. I’m looking forward to seeing who enters.


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