Caboodle Textiles Needle Guide

Caboodle Textiles Needle Guide

The quality of your sewing can be very dependent on the size, style and features of the needle you choose. If the wrong needle is used you may get skipped stitches, broken thread or puckers.

When you’re choosing your needle you can refer to the below guide for ease – also keep in mind the technical complexities of your project, as well as fabric choice and application.

Always replace your needle after around 8 hours of sewing, you may need to replace more frequently if you are working with fabric that may blunt the needle quicker such as sequins or strong denim.

Never sew with a bent or broken needle, your needle may sometimes break to protect the mechanisms of your machine. Be sure you resolve any issues before trying again.

Some reasons a needle may break include:

  • The needle type and size being incorrect
  • The thread being too thick
  • Tension too tight
  • Fabric being pulled too much
  • The machine needs cleaning

Twin needles and specialty needles may break due to heat build up from excess use. To avoid breakage slow down speed and avoid excessive use.

Which size?

Choose the size of your needle according to the type of fabric you’re using as indicated by the guide below. Your machine may also only take a specific size needle so be sure to check your operating manual

Which width?

Twin needles have a width associated to them such as 3mm or 4mm. The width measurement is the space between the two needles and choice of gap size is decided by a few factors. It is personal preference but it is important the needle fits inside the presser foot openeing and the plate opening on your machine. Your machine operating manual may give an indication as to the width you need.

Always slowly lower your needle manually before sewing to check the fit correct to avoid breakages and damage to your machine.

Needle Guide


Universal needles suit most wovens, knits and synthetic fabrics. Available in a variety of sizes and mixes.


The ballpoint needle is perfect for cotton knits, interlock, rib, fleece, and most other knits. The ballpoint tip helps to prevent snags and breakages of fibres.


Ideal for knits with 2 way stretch and containing lycra. It makes sewing swimwear, elastic and lingerie a breeze as the special sleeve prevents skipped stitches


Perfect for denim, canvas, and other strong fibres. Made with a super sharp point to easily pierce dense fabrics.


Made for genuine leather. Features a chisel point. Never use with vinyl or suede.

Sharps/ Microfibre

Sharps and Microfibre needles are specifically for fine material such as organza, silk and densely woven fabrics. The super sharp thin tip avoids big holes in your creation.


Twin needles are perfect for top stitching and create two parallel lines of stitching giving you a professional finish. Available in a variety of widths and needle finishes. Sew at slow speeds and sparingly to avoid breakage.

Watch our Youtube video to learn how to hem with a twin needle.

Caboodle Textiles stocks a variety of needles with more arriving regularly. Shop needles here.

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