Christmas PJ Patterns to make Christmas Eve dreams come true.

Christmas PJ Patterns to make Christmas eve dreams come true.

Christmas is always a special time, but with more and more families gathering together on Christmas Eve to open Christmas Eve boxes filled with movies and treats and new PJ’s for the whole family there is a growing emphasis on getting cosy on the sofa together. 

Whether you follow the Christmas Eve box tradition or simply gift your kids new PJ’s at sometime during the festive period, you’ll be looking for a Pyjama pattern that keeps them comfy and sleeping soundly through the night and fingers crossed an hour or two longer on Christmas morning.

So we’ve asked our brand reps to tell us what their favourite pyjama patterns are and brought them together to make it easy for you no matter what shape or age of child.

Babies and beyond.

For little ones with cloth bums the MBJM harems give plenty of room in the rear end. Non cloth bums still look good in these too. We like to team ours with the MBJM Eclipe Tee. For little ones the envelope neck is ideal and for older ones you have a standard round neckline option.  For those little wrigglers the MBJM pick and mix has the vest options for both cloth and disposable sizing making it a flexible pattern for many children.

You can get the MBJM baby bundle here, which has the vest and harems but also includes this fab romper, perfect for day and night wear for little ones.

Growing Kids

Ellidactyl Jaydn Party PJs. Goes up to age 12!

Great for slim body shapes this pattern can be made up in all one festive fabric or colour blocked on both top and bottom. This pattern is our favourite for its sheer flexibility. This means you can save money by making your prints go further by matching them with our money saving solids.

The downside of this pattern is the slim calf fitting which can make it trickier to get trousers on and off when your child has grown a bit – maybe a good excuse to make a new pair, or you can do what we do and crop them into 3/4 lengths when the ankles get too tight. It all depends on which bit of your child grows fastest!

Mix and Match bold colours

A favourite of our Brand Rep team is the Puperita DUCKIE pattern.  This pattern covers children from newborn up to 6 years old or 116cm in height.

The DUCKIE Shirt and Pants have soft and round curves, and an envelope neckline with fold over flaps. Puperita patterns are generous in the bottom area and allow room for nappies.

Power Nap PJs from Puperita:

These have a wider age range covering 0-10years : 140cm height

These are snug fitting PJs but with room for cloth nappies in the up to age 4 sizes.  There is a no nappy version from age 2.

The t-shirt has long sleeves with long sleeve cuffs and the pants have legging style with long leg cuffs.

Baggy Fit

We really love the Comfy Legs paired with an up sized Eclipse tee or the soon to be released wide fit tee from Sparkle and Roar. These make for a really easy to wear outfit with great size flexibility. Perfect for kids who seem to grow faster than you can sew, or for gifts where you aren’t certain of the size required. (This Driving Home for Christmas fabric is coming soon)

What’s even better about these patterns is they can be used for day wear too so you get extra value from your pattern spending. The comfy legs can also be made from non stretch fabrics for day wear too.

Traditional PJ’s

For those of you looking to make traditional style Pyjamas from non stretch fabrics we recommend the Sweet Dreams Button Up PJ set. This is the pattern we here at Caboodle used when we made our own Christmas PJ’s for Caboodle Kids clothing. 

Some of the photos on the pattern make it look twee and outdated but the choice of fabrics is key, you can get a really modern look with this pattern. Choose plain or small print patterns and you can make them look really smart – great for those kids who want PJ’s like Daddy’s.

We love this pattern made up using brushed cotton flannel but it can be made from any non stretch cotton. All these photos show brushed flannel which gives a cosy warm feel.

What fabric to use:

Our Favourite Non stretch fabrics :

Black Reindeer Brushed Cotton Flannel Fabric

Blue Reindeer Stag Christmas Cotton Fabric

Stockings Red Christmas Cotton Fabric


Our Favourite stretch Jersey Fabrics:

If you are going for stretchy PJ’s then you are looking for cotton Lycra jersey or a French terry. You could even go super cosy with alpine fleece.

These are the winter print jerseys coming really soon, we are a bit obsessed with polar bears this year :

(We would recommend the Merry Pixies from the header image but they sold out in 48 hours, sorry)

In stock now: 


Arriving soon:

Brushed Back French Terry:

This seasonal print is available in Blue or Ochre,

How about a twist on the traditional festive colours?

Alpine fleece – stretches like jersey but with a fluffy fleece lining,

Rather go for a solid colour and add your own details? No problem, these MBJM appliques can be found in the files section of the MBJM fb group

Or perhaps you don’t want festive at all and would prefer to go for the joyful rainbow stripes?

Or a more traditional bedtime theme?

Whatever you choose, you are bound to create happy memories for those festive bedtimes. We love Christmas here at Caboodle so do share with us your thoughts and any other favourite PJ patterns you have or have heard about, We’d love to hear what you think.

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