Desk Tidy Tips & DIY Thread Catchers

Desk Tidy Tips & DIY Thread Catchers

Having a tidy sewing station makes for a much more pleasant sewing experience as you can easily find everything and you’re not overrun with scraps and threads.

Due to the many tools and materials we use as crafters there are infinite ways a sewing station can become cluttered very quickly; thread, scissors, pins, clips, zips, ribbon and much more can overwhelm a desk.

There are many ways to reduce clutter from homemade to ready to buy, follow our top tips and have an organised sewing space in no time.

Everything in its place

Handmade Reusable Craft Storage Bag

By having a home for everything you’ll be able to easily find things when you need them and reduce clutter by having them all over the place.

Handy storage such as boxes, thread storage, and bags can help you to find a home for everything and reduce the time you spend looking for the scissors.

One of our favourite tips is to keep your current WIP in a easily identifiable bag like this cute handmade bag.

You can use boxes you’ve received items in the post in, old cereal boxes for magazines, freestanding drawers and much more to find everything its place.

Rainbow Thimble Desk Tidy Storage Pot

Keep the most used items to hand

There’s a good chance when you’re sewing you tend to need the same few items on each project. Scissors, thread snips, tailors chalk, pins and clips are staples to most sewing projects.

We’re a big fan of these beautiful rainbow thimble pots. They add a pop of colour to your sewing table and hold all your most used items nice and organised.

They are perfect for adding some organisation to your sewing area, making it easy to grab and find exactly what you need, when you need it, leaving you more time for sewing!

Get those threads under control

The quickest way a sewing area can get out of control is with scraps and rogue threads from snipping. It really pays to have a space you can pop ends as you snip them.

You can either have a stand alone place, or if you sew on an overlocker you can have a thread catcher to easily catch the threads as the overlocker knife slices them.

Thread catchers simply slide under your overlocker, or attach to the side, and the thread ends fall into them.

Official ones are available for most overlockers such as this one for the Brother.

Spill Bag Sewing Design

You may have items around the house you can use for this such as a Ferrero Rocher box, a butter tub or a washing capsule tub. Attach a tub of your choosing to the side of your machine using Velcro or double sided tape.

As a keen sewer you may prefer to make your own – this pattern from So Sew Easy is very popular and easy to make.

If you prefer a ready made solution, our spill bags are really popular with the beautiful sewing bee inspired pattern. They feature a weight to keep it sturdy on the table and avoid spillage!

There’s nothing worse than threads rolling around, falling off the table and forgetting which bobbin matches which thread. Having threads scattered across the table increases the change of tangling and ending up with threads unwinding everywhere. We keep ours tidy with these bobbin boxes combined with bobbin mates to keep colours together.

Hemline Double Sided Bobbin Box
Hemline Bobbin Match Mates

Do you have any top tips for keeping your sewing area neat and tidy? We’d love to hear about them, join our Facebook group to share your top tips!

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