Don’t break your back – sewing posture help

When sewing it is vitally important to have the correct sewing posture. Sitting improperly can cause back, neck and shoulder issues. We’ve put together a list of top tips to get your posture right when sewing – but please note this is not medical advice. Please see a health professional if you’re in pain.

The Right Equipment

Having the right chair and surface can make all the difference when sewing. The chair that will suit you best will depend on your body type and any underlying health conditions.

Upright chairs, chairs with no back, kneeling chairs and saddle stools are all seating to try.

Make sure your surface is the right height for your needs and adjust as necessary to get the right position.

You shouldn’t be hunched or slouched but equally it shouldn’t be a reach to use your machine.

Height Matters

Even with the right equipment, having the right height is vital. Try experimenting with raising and lowering your chair/ surface and see how it feels to work on. There will be a variation in what suits you due to your own height so experimenting is the best way forward.

Ensure your knees are at right angles as that will help with your overall posture.

High Speed Training has this fantastic infographic to show you the correct ergonomic position for sitting at a desk – it’s geared towards computer users but the fundamentals are the same.

Extra Support

Even with all of the above, you may find you need extra support. Shoulder support straps may be useful to encourage non curvature of the spine.

A lumbar cushion positioned near your coccyx will provide you with extra support and comfort.

Everything In Reach

Try moving your machine and pedal closer or further away to test how that feels on your body. Make sure all of your regular sewing supplies are within easy reach to prevent the need to extend your reach further than necessary.

Take Regular Breaks and Stretch

The most important thing you can do for your comfort is to get up and stretch every now and again. We’ve all been guilty of hunching over the machine for hours – leading to neck pain, back pain and aching shoulders.

Set an alarm on your phone to get up and move about for a few minutes, make a cup of tea and do some gentle stretching before getting back to it.

Posturite has this fantastic infographic that has some simple neck stretches to alleviate strain.

Trying all of these tips will make sewing a much more pleasant experience and make you more comfortable when sewing too!

Remember to check in with a health professional if you’re still struggling or are in any pain.

Have we missed your favourite tip?

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