How to Save Money with Caboodle Discounts

How to Save Money with Caboodle Discounts.

We all want to get as much for our money as possible.

Here at Caboodle Textiles we will show you how and where you can save.

Our Multi buy discounts are the latest feature to hit the website. In the past we offered a discount of 15% if you bought 12 items of the same solid colour jersey. That’s 6mtrs, often called a bolt of jersey.  That was great for some people buying in bulk and making lots of the same thing, But who it wasnt good for is the buyer who is making lots of different things, perhaps even something different for every member of the family.  And sometimes we didn’t always have in stock quite enough to allow you to claim that discount even if you wanted it.

We also had bundles of colours which were popular but if one colour was out of stock then you couldn’t get the rest of the offer, or if you wanted a different selection you ended up buying two bundles or missing out entirely on the offer.

Rainbow Bundle of Jersey Cotton Lycra mix. Knit fabric by the half meter

We have shaken things up and given our discounts a whole new look.

Here’s how they work:

We are giving you more freedom to choose your colours and combinations. Scraping pre listed bundles and offering multi buy discounts on all solid coloured jersey, french terry and viscose plus all jersey stripes and all ribbing.

Discounts are now automatically applied within each category. No code required.

Buy just 4 items (2mtrs) and get 5% off. Its then a sliding scale of discounts up to a huge 20% off when you buy 20 items (10mtrs). That brings the solid jersey and ribbing price down to just £7.20 per metre!

We believe these could well be the cheapest prices around!

Our new discounts create even better deals to build your stash?

The new multi buy discounts cover the following categories:

Jersey 220gsm

Jersey 240gsm

Viscose Jersey



French Terry


Please note that discounts apply within categories and not across categories.

Now is the perfect time to browse the website and start building an envious stash!

Rainbow Bundle of 220gsm Jersey Cotton Lycra mix. Knit fabric by the half meter

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