How To Sew A Capsule Wardrobe

Here at Caboodle Textiles we’re big fans of the capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of around 30 pieces of clothing that can be mixed and matched to create hundreds of different looks!

They are brilliant for reducing decision overwhelm, making life easier, more sustainable and allow you to have fewer quality pieces rather than hundreds of pieces of fast fashion.

You can change your capsule wardrobe with each season to keep it fresh and in line with the weather.

The idea is to have a selection of beautiful clothes you’d wear instantly without tossing it aside because you just don’t love it.

The beauty of sewing is that you have complete control over your garments, you can literally make to measure and have perfectly fitted items you adore.

Our reps are super at making capsule wardrobes, Steph has made a selection of trousers that would look really fun with any t-shirt.

A brilliant way to make the most of a capsule wardrobe is to have say 5 trousers and 7 tops that all go really well together, mix and match and accessorise! You can even do the same with pinafores, dresses and jumpers.

By being conscious about your fabric choices, you can ensure everything matches with everything and just throw it on and go – an easy way to do this is by having a base colour throughout each of the items.

You can see here how rep Ann has used yellow, orange and blue in this collection to make them mix and match! The shirts are the MBJM Explorer Pattern so you can replicate this look at home.

Ann has also made a great example of a capsule wardrobe using these Mouse Garden prints with a combination of different coloured tops to make this outfit super versatile. All solids colour items here are made from Caboodle 220 and 240 jersey.

Another bonus of sewing your own capsule wardrobe is once you find a pattern you love, you can hack it to make a wide variety of garments from one pattern. Altering the sleeves, adding pockets, changing the length and much more can instantly transform a pattern into a completely different garment.

We love Made By Jacks Mum for children’s capsule wardrobes as the patterns are made for growing kids and will last through the seasons. You can even add grow with me cuffs where appropriate to make them last even longer.

Here are some of our favourite capsule wardrobe worthy patterns:

Accessorising is a brilliant way to continue a theme across the wardrobe, use headbands, bandanas and snoods to add accent prints with solid colours.

You can wear them with a matching outfit or with similar colour palette, adding further visual interesting.

Whatever you do, be sure it’s a wardrobe you love and is comfy!

Happy Sewing

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