Kids First Sewing Projects

Teaching your children to sew and sharing your beloved hobby with them is a very rewarding endeavour. You will want to begin with a simple project that is quick to complete to encourage their interest in sewing.

Beginning with a project too big or too complicated could lead to frustration and wanting to give up so something exciting and quick is a perfect starting point.

We know it can be a minefield trying to find suitable projects so we have rounded up our favourite patterns suitable for a kids first sewing project.

Christmas Stocking

We begin our roundup with one of our blog tutorials. This Christmas stocking is the perfect festive sew to get the little ones exciting about the upcoming holidays.

This stocking tutorial is a beginner pattern for people new to sewing, or those who want something easy to make!
Written by beginners for beginners, complete with a downloadable PDF outline to cut out, and clear instructions on how to make this stocking.

Available in 2 sizes, you can make the bigger one for yourself and for a quick win your child can make the mini version.

Make an afternoon of it, pop your favourite Christmas film on, grab some festive snacks and make this simple stocking together.

The Classics

When you’re learning a new skill it’s common to make or do the things everyone makes. For playing the recorder it’s playing “3 Blind Mice” over and over, for art it’s drawing fruit repeatedly and for sewing it’s the classics.

An envelope cushion cover such as this one by The Crafting Nook is a fabulous starter pattern. Simple and straightforward, it gives a really easy way for your child to contribute to their bedroom decor and feel satisfied with the result.

Another popular classic is the tote bag. Tote bags are fabulous for children as they allow them to show off their handiwork and have their very own place for keepsakes. This simple tote pattern from The Seasoned Homemaker would make a great first project and also a fabulous gift!

Something different

Thinking a little bit outside the box when choosing first projects for kids can lead to fantastic results.

This 20 minute skirt boasts as being so easy a 5 year old can do it! How awesome would your little one feel wearing clothing they had made themselves?

Another hit project for kids is a soft toy. We love Bernie The Cat from Soft Toy. It uses up scraps so allows children to express their creative side when choosing the fabric and it’s a bright funky project.

Be Guided By Them

There is a very good chance your child will have seen you sewing and may have even been inspired by what you’re making. Try asking them what they would like to make. Even if it is perhaps beyond their skillset right now you could adapt a pattern or even break the pattern down into smaller chunks to make it easier for them to make.

Passing down a skill is a valued experience, we truly hope you’ve enjoyed our roundup of sewing patterns for children and we can’t wait to see what you make.

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