New White Net Wash Tests

We’re very excited to stock some brand new white netting and black netting

This breathable light weight fabric is great for making laundry bags, shopping bags and reusable fruit and veg weigh bags or even as a lining in sportswear jackets

Fibre Content: 100% Polyester

Weight: 104gsm

Width: 150 cm

Given the versatile nature of the net, we wanted to make sure it would withstand the multiple conditions that these types of products undergo and as such our fabulous brand rep Nicola made up 2 gorgeous bags and ran them through a variety of tests.

Nicola then proceeded to wash both bags to find out how they hold up at various temperatures. The first bag went in at 40 degrees.

As you can see, it came out pretty much the same as when it went in!

The second bag went in at 60 degrees.

At 60 degrees there was very slight shrinkage (less than half an inch), and no visible signs of any damage to the fabric

Nicola then put the bags through their paces and tumble dried one of them with her towels

In the words of Nicola “this fabric is pretty much indestructible” – she tumble dried them for an hour and they were absolutely fine!

We’re so pleased the white net performed so well in these tests, if you’d like to get some of your own, you can buy it here and get the black net here

Happy Sewing


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