Pattern Weights – what do you use?

Pattern weights are a lifesaver for sewing. They weigh the pattern down allowing you to trace or cut around it without it shifting or using pins.

Weights are beneficial in so many ways, here’s just a few of our favourite reasons for using them:

  • Quicker than pins to use
  • Easier to make adjustments if you alter the pattern when cutting
  • No holes on pattern or fabric
  • No distortion as when pinning

There are many different options for pattern weights, you can buy them, make your own or use household objects. Each of these have a variety of options so we’ve outlined each of them below.

Pattern Weight Options

Purchase Weights

For a quick and easy solution, you can readily buy pattern weights.

These particular pattern weights are non slip weights with tacked bottoms to hold patterns securely to fabric. They’re also versatile as they are stackable for varying the weight and easy storage.

If you don’t fancy making your own and want a specific option to keep in your sewing caddy, these weights are perfect.

There is a wealth of different designs and types available, you might prefer a flatter weight. Although less versatile they may be suitable for a specific project you have in mind.

We love these colourful ones found on Amazon.

Make Your Own

As crafters, making your own may be very appealing. There are many different types of sewing weights you can DIY – such as these pyramid ones which were made using this pattern from Tea Rose Home and filled with lentils. Alternatively you can make a bean bag and use as a pattern weight using this tutorial.

Any filled shape weighted with something will work as a pattern weight. But what to fill it with? There are many different options such as rice, lentils, glass beads, sand, polyester beads, baking beans, gravel and much more.

This all comes down to personal preference. Some prefer not to use food as it could attract pests, some prefer not to use synthetic materials due to the environmental impact.

Using sand or glass beads are not recommend however. Sand can seep out of the seams and glass can pose a safety risk if dropped.

Get Creative

For the ultimate low cost, low effort solution, have a look around your house!

Cans of food such as baked beans or soup are a popular option for weighing down your fabric, just be sure the bottom of the cans are clean.

You can also use rocks or pebbles – some people like to bake them in an oven on a low temperature after washing to kill off any bugs. Just be careful to only choose smooth ones to avoid snagging your fabric.

Washers, nuts and other supplies you might find in your tool box are often used too, you can find these in any hardware store if you don’t have any.

Be inventive, anything clean, smooth and with a good weight to it will make for a really useful pattern weight in a pinch.

We’d love to see what pattern weights you use or have made,

Do share with us in our Facebook Group.

Happy Sewing.

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