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Sewing for your ‘Wild Things’

Sewing for your ‘Wild Things’

Introducing the first of a series of reviews from Caboodle Textiles’ customers who talk about fabrics they love and patterns which inspire them.

First up is Rosemary with her review of the  ‘Wild Things’ by Kirsty Hartley.

Rosemary asked me to source some lemon yellow soft corduroy and I was overjoyed to see what she made with it. After a flurry of people asking in the facebook group about what the pattern was she’d used I knew this was a certain for a blog review.

So here is Rosemary’s story of how she came to be using the Wilds Things patterns book:

“My earliest memories of learning to sew was with my grandma where I used to stand next to her whilst she sewed and if I was lucky enough she allowed me to press the foot pedal.

Quite a few years passed and after having my children it revived the urge in me to start sewing again. Naturally I asked my grandma if she wouldn’t mind showing me the ropes once more.

I wanted to make a dress with her for my daughter as my first project.  I have always been a big fan of bright vibrant colours (probably due to being an art teacher/ illustrator) and their playful designs. I stumbled upon a book by Kirsty Hartley called ‘Wild Things’ It probably jumped out at me due to the colourful and playful front cover.

I chose to create the rainbow pinafore dress, it’s a gorgeous design with beautifully designed applique detailing. I spent any free Sunday afternoon I had round at my mums making it under the careful supervision of my then 91 year old grandma. In the end it became a real labour of love as it took us nearly a year to complete, not because the pattern was difficult but because day to day family life and work always managed to get in the way.

The patterns and instructions are easy to follow with lovely photographs and illustrations throughout. Each pattern gives you a clear list of what you will need and there’s a handy difficulty rating at the top so you can either ease yourself in gently or take up a bit more of a challenge.

The patterns are all printed ready to go in a handy envelope towards the back of the book so you don’t have to print them out before you start.

Since making the rainbow dress my confidence grew and the sewing bug has grown, my grandma saw how much I was enjoying it and I spoke at great lengths with her about setting up my own little business, showing her my own designs that one day I hope to create. She decided my clothes could do with a professional boost and she wanted to help accelerate my sewing business journey so she very generously bought me an overlocker.

Now there is no stopping me,  I have gone on to make an assortment of clothes for my children, I have designed and created my own clothing brand so I am now raring to go with launching my own business and starting the next exciting chapter of my sewing adventure. ”

Find your own Wild Thing favourite and let us know what sparks your imagination.

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