Sewing With Scraps

We all know that with any sewing project you will get left with scraps, and from an environmental perspective as well as a value for money perspective, it’s best to get as much use from your fabric as you can.

With that in mind, we thought we’d share some of our favourite uses for scraps and remnants.

Harem Middle Hack

When you cut a pair of harems, you’re usually left with a lovely curve piece of scrap, these are perfect for making baby hats, mittens or booties – they’re usually the perfect size!


Reusable wipes are a great environmentally friendly option to using baby wipes and are a brilliant stash buster. Our brand rep Nicola created a fab tutorial video for Youtube to show you how to make these. They’re quick, easy and a fantastic use of scraps. You can also use this tutorial to make wee wipes, resuable kitchen roll and other reusable fabric items. Simply change the dimensions of the fabric you’re using.

Colour Blocking

Have you ever found the perfect pattern for that remnant of fabric you’ve been holding onto but there’s not quite enough fabric. Colour blocking is a great way to get more use out of your fabric and also add interest to your items.

Some patterns such as the MBJM Beachcomber already have colour blocking options built into the pattern but you can easily create your own colour blocking design by just splitting the pattern up.


We love CSP for using scraps up because they don’t take a lot of fabric. There are many patterns out there, for all shapes, sizes, absorbency requirements and much more. They’re super simply to make once you get the hang of it too!


Accessories and head wear are a brilliant way to use up your scraps. Headbands in particular are a lovely way to finish off an outfit using the same fabric as your garment.

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