Multi Size KSUK Resin Snap Pliers

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  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • For KAM Plastic/Resin Snaps use to make Children’s clothing/Cloth Nappies/Bibs/CSP Pads/Pet Accessories/Pet Clothing and 
  • Works with removal dies (purchased separately)

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KSUK Kam Snap Pliers Removal Dies

KSUK Snap Pliers Removal Dies for use with Multi Size KSUK Resin Snap Pliers

Dies for use removing polyacetal resin snaps in your sewing and crafting projects.



Multi Size KSUK Resin Snap Pliers

Multi Size KSUK Resin Snap Pliers

Pliers for use in applying polyacetal resin snaps in your sewing and crafting projects. These pliers do not require a huge amount of physical strength so are ideal for the home sewer who does not want to invest in a professional press.

We bring you here our own branded snap pliers that are fantastic quality and very reasonably priced.  The big advantage over the HG pliers after the price is that it is super easy to change out the pressing head, simply screw them on and off.  Then you have the option to add a snap REMOVAL die set for these pliers to quickly and safely remove aby damaged snaps.  Prior to this, the only option was a separate pair of removal pliers.

This tool comes with:

Pliers come with an awl, a water soluble pen and instructions. Very easy to use and perfect for adding closures to clothing

What size KAM plastic snap fasteners should be used for baby and toddler clothing? 

Bear in mind that you should always reinforce knits and other thin, stretch material that is prone to tearing. Twill is a good reinforcing material but you can use any non stretch fabric.

Once you add the reinforcement material, which provides sturdiness and adds thickness, size 20 regular length is usually a good size. (It’s also our most popular size because it works in most –but not all– applications.)

Some people use size 16 for thinner material because it has a gentler grip.  But depending on the thickness of your reinforcing material, size 16 may end up being too short, which will result in the snap falling off. 


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