Bamboo Terry Towelling – White Single Sided with Plush Reverse, Absorbent Luxury Fabric

£9.50 inc. VAT Per half metre

Made from bamboo and cotton.

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly crop with natural antibacterial and thermos regulating properties

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Organic Bamboo Terry Towelling – White Single Sided with Plush Reverse. Absorbent Luxury Fabric

Organic Bamboo Terry Towelling is a lightweight, highly absorbent fabric which has a luxury fabric quality.

This Bamboo Terry is looped on one side and has a low height plush finish on the other.

Fibre Content: Bamboo 65% Cotton 28% Polyester 7%

Approx Weight: Approx 350 grams/m2

Approx Width: 150 cm

Repeat Size: N/A

Fabric Care: Machine wash and tumble dry low-medium.

At high temperatures Bamboo is known to have a higher shrink percentage than most fabrics therefore it should be pre-washed at the same or higher temperature than you are going to wash it for general use.

Information: Sold in 50 cm increments

Unlike many towelling fabrics, our Bamboo Terry Towelling is soft to the touch and has a beautiful velvety texture and sheen to it. It stays soft after many washes, is eco friendly and its natural fibres have antibacterial properties.

Good for: Blankets and towels, wash cloths and wipes, CSP, nappys and soakers.

To ensure your fabric stays looking good we recommend the following laundry care:

1) Prewash fabrics before making your items. This allows the natural fibres to shrink before you cut them out rather than after you’ve first worn them. Bamboo is known to have a higher shrink percentage than most fabrics.

2) Turn your item inside out. This helps prevent other items rubbing up against your fabric bobbling and snagging the fibres.

3) Wash at 30. As well as keeping your bills down and helping the environment, washing on a cool setting helps keep the colours from fading. If you really need to wash it at a higher temperature use a gentle setting.


Why buy a sample?

Unsure about what colour to get? Not sure how the fabric will feel or want to compare weight?

We strongly suggest purchasing a sample so you can feel the quality of the fabric in your hands.

All samples are free post.

Will the fabric I buy later match the samples exactly?

Most of the time yes. But colours do vary slightly from shipment to shipment due to dye level fluctuation. We will only send out samples which match what is held in stock. However if we get a new batch in stock after you have received your sample we cannot guarantee an exact match. It is best to order your required fabric as soon as possible after receiving and being happy with your sample.

If I buy a fabric and need more later will the colour be exactly the same?

Colours can vary slightly from batch to batch so we cannot guarantee a true colour match. It is always best to get all you need in one go.