Remnant – Teddy Natural – 40cm minus corner sample

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This is a remnant / flawed piece of Alpine Fleece Stretch Sweat

Remnants are great for small items, practice pieces or kids clothing where small marks are not important.

Remnant / Sale items do not qualify for multi buy discounts or discount coupons.

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Teddy Fluffy Fabric

Teddy Fluffy Fabric is a super soft, warm fabric with a fluffy front and a stretch backing.

Composition: 100% polyester

Weight 210 gsm

Approx Width: 150cm

Information : Sold in 50cm increments.


40cm cut length

Minus corner sample



A warm and soft fabric suitable for linings of coats and hats, cushions and finishings.

Teddy as you would expect has a fluffy teddy bear surface. The fibres are tufty and soft. Some people describe Teddy as sheep fabric due to the way the fibres appear.

Teddy has an open weave construction on the reverse where the fibres are attached to a honeycomb backing. The advantage of this is that the fabric is breathable. When you cut it you will find the fibres shed on the edges.

2 way stretch. They have really great stretch in a horizontal direction but only a little stretch vertically. Teddy can be machine washed cool, but avoid tumble drying.

Can be used for lining coats, jumpers, hats, gloves. For backing scarves or blankets. Great for making cushions and soft furnishings.