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Ironing and Sewing

Best Iron For Sewing

Whether you love or loathe ironing, in sewing it is a must have to get that professional finish. A good iron can be the difference between perfectly crisp hems and a wrinkled mess despite ages of pressing. Knowing what is the best iron for sewing can be a minefield so we’ve put together a selection of recommendations plus top tips to look out for when on the hunt for a new iron.

Irons come in all price brackets so there’s sure to be one to suit your budget but more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better performance. There are key features to look for that are more important than budget if you want a quality long lasting iron.

Steam or no steam?

Steam is the key difference in irons, some have it included, some are dry. Steam is fabulous for removing wrinkles and keeping them crease free.

When you compare steam irons, look for the limescale cleaning properties of the iron. Water and in turn steam can create limescale which can leave unsightly marks on your fabric. The limescale cleaning process of your iron will keep that in check and avoid ruining your garments.

Steam irons come in 2 forms – the water tank in the iron or the water tank in the stand. The stand is preferred by many due making for a lighter iron but if storage is an issue for you then the tank in the iron itself may be preferred.

Key things to consider:

  • Auto switch off – Having an iron with an auto switch off feature is a real bonus for sewists. If you’re constructing a garment and frequently moving from the iron to the sewing machine, it is a fantastic safety feature and will speed up your ironing.
  • Dedicated iron – Having a specific iron for sewing reduces the risk of ordinary ironing damaging your iron and leaving marks that transfer to your fabric.
  • Cleaning – What built in cleaning processes does your iron have? A clean iron means improved performance and less chance of damage to your garments from residue or marks.

How to clean your iron

As mentioned above, having a clean iron is key to stress free ironing. Dirty irons can transfer marks to your fabric and reduce the performance of your iron.

We love Vliseline’s Iron Cleaning Stick for removing any marks from your iron. Click here to see a video of it in action! The video is in our Facebook group so you may need to join to watch it.

It’s the perfect tool for cleaning all of the gunk from your iron – whether you’ve accidentally ironed the wrong side of interfacing or gunk has appeared randomly.

Remove those burn and starch marks from your iron with this easy to use stick.

Simply rub the stick gently onto the sole of your iron whilst warm. Wipe iron with a clean, dry absorbent cloth immediately and clear out steam vents with a few spurts and wipe dry.

Best Buys

Popular brands of irons loved by sewists include Philips, Morphy Richards, Russell Hobbs, Tefal and Braun. We’ve researched heavily to bring you our top 5 best buys in various price brackets.

The Philips GC9690/86 PerfectCare Elite Plus is the most expensive of our best buys but the reviews make it worthy of inclusion.

Touted as the most powerful and fastest steam generator, with no temperature setting required and no burns guarantee, this iron has some bold claims.

Featuring a detachable water tank making for a light convenient iron.

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The second of our best buys is another Philips, this time at the lower end of the price range. The Philips Azur GC4537/86 is an excellent all rounder.

The iron has the water tank built into the iron but has an innovative self cleaning system eliminating limescale build up.

This lightweight iron is perfect for regular use and the quick calc release system will make your life easier.

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Another low end iron in price, but not in features. This Bosch TDA5070GB is an iron that’s been around for years and holds up well.

With an ergonomic design and a useful anti calc system, this iron glides easily across fabric making for a stress free ironing experience. It features a 3m cable, perfect for ironing stations far away from plugs.

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The mid range Tefal Pro Express Anti Scale GV8932 is a water tank stand system with a repair guarantee of 10 years!

An iron with lots of cool features including a scale collector, smart precision temperature controls, and autoglide soleplate technology.

The tank on this iron is refillable, meaning you don’t have to switch off the iron to refill, just pop under the tap and get back to your project.

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Our final best buy is the Braun SI3041.GR Texstylev which is at the very bottom of the price bracket but is a good budget iron.

Whilst this iron lacks in sophisticated self cleaning technology, it’s a long lasting iron with a durable soleplate.

The Braun features a triangular precision tip, making it fantastic for getting really crisp seams and hems.

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Whichever iron you choose, we hope we’ve made the selection process easier and wish you stress free sewing!

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