What is the difference between Teddy and Sherpa?

What is the difference between Teddy and Sherpa?

We often get asked what the differences are between the two. It’s hard to tell from a product photo what those differences might be. So we will give you the simple steps to knowing what to expect when you order one of our fabrics.

Teddy :

Teddy as you would expect has a fluffy teddy bear surface. The fibres are tufty and soft. In the two tone varieties you can see the underside colour between the tufts of the main surface. Some people describe Teddy as sheep fabric due to the way the fibres appear.

This teddy has a cream two tone which shows at the base of the main light grey fibres.

The back of Teddy:

Teddy has an open weave construction where the fibres are attached to a honeycomb backing. The advantage of this is that the fabric is breathable. The disadvantage is that when you cut it you will find the fibres shed on the edges.

Sherpa :

Like Teddy, Sherpa has a soft surface which is tufty. The fibres are slightly shorter and more compact than the Teddy.

The fibres of Sherpa don’t separate when they move. This is due to the way the fabric is bonded at the back.

The back of Sherpa:

Sherpa has a fleece backing. The fibres are bonded together at the back into a soft fleece finish. This gives the fabric a warm soft touch on the reverse and can be worn against the skin. The nature of this backing reduces the amount of shedding when the fabric is cut.

Sherpa has a soft brushed backing

What is the same about Teddy and Sherpa:

Both fabrics have 2 way stretch. They have really great stretch in a horizontal direction but very little stretch vertically. Both can be machine washed cool, but do not tumble dry.

Both can be used for lining coats, hats, gloves. For backing scarves or blankets. Great for making cushions and soft furnishings.

Which should I choose?

That really is up to you. One is not better than the other. Sherpa is slightly more expensive and considered the more superior quality due to its construction but it really doesn’t matter which you go for. The only time it really matters is if you are wanting to make an item with the backing of the fabric exposed – in that case the Sherpa is the best choice. If you are making an item where the Teddy or Sherpa is backed against another fabric then it is only personal preference that will tell them apart.

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