Which Sewing Thread To Use – The right thread for the job

Knowing which sewing thread to use can be a minefield of information so we have put together this handy guide to make choosing the thread for your project a breeze.

Some machines prefer a certain brand of thread and using a different brand can cause problems, this is very specific to certain machines so it is advisable to search the brand of your machine followed by “recommended thread” to hear other users or the manufacturers recommendations.

General Sewing Thread

There are many brands of general sewing thread however Moon and Gutermann are the most popular and well known. Using branded sewing threads is generally better than unbranded as unbranded carries a risk of not knowing how your machine handles with them.

Rainbow Gutermann Sew All Thread Bundle


Sew-All combines the excellent sewing properties of silk with the strength and durability of polyester.

Guaranteed no-twist and lint free.

A soft and supple thread, light resistant and colour-fast, and in an extensive range of brilliant colours with a silk-like gloss.

Rainbow Moon Thread 1000 Yard Reel Bundle


Moon threads are made from strong table spun polyester and are great for items that needs lots of strength due to pressure on the seams.

This thread is fluffier than Gutermann so you will need to clean your machine more often to avoid clogs.

Moon threads tend to be on bigger reels than Gutermann so you don’t have to change reels as often.

Overlocking Thread

There are many different types of overlocking thread depending on the project you’re undertaking. The main differences are the thickness, elasticity and washing temperature. The overlocking thread you use may vary from project to project.

Neon Multi Gutermann Creativ Bulky Lock Overlock Thread


Gutermann Bulky-Lock is available in 2 weights – 80 and 160 and 2 reel lengths – 1000m and 2000m. It is a high-quality, elastic bulk thread in thickness No. 80 for pleasantly soft serging and very dense cover on cut edges. Heavy to medium-weight fabrics can be sewn particularly simply and attractively on an overlock and cover stitch sewing machine.


Moon Polyester Overlocking Thread are 5000 yard cones are long enough to last many sewing projects without having to change thread because you have ran out. The perfect overlocker moon thread for high quality seams for all of your handmade garments.

Lavendar 8320 Aerolock Madeira Thread


Maderia threads are core spun with threads spun around a filament core. This makes them much stronger and far less prone to breaking.

Washable to 90 degrees, they can be bleached and dry cleaned, suitable for tumble drying on low and can withstand a moderate iron.

Black Aerolock and Aeroflock


Aerolock and the colour-matched bulk thread Aeroflock. You can create perfect, colour-matched coverlock and overlock seams with the provided 3 miniking spools Aerolock and 1 Aeroflock.

Aerolock is a high-quality overlock thread for long-lasting seams. Aeroflock is a voluminous and fluffy overlock thread suited for elastic requirements such as lingerie, sportswear, and swimwear.

Other Considerations

Many people prefer polyester to cotton thread as it tends to be stronger and has no slubs (thick spots in the thread) but you may prefer cotton if you are using 100% cotton fabric.

Polyester thread has a small amount of bounce and is therefore more suitable for use with stretch fabrics. Polyester is also favoured for those making children’s clothes and it’s less likely to snap and is available in the widest range of colours.

Other types of thread include button thread which is extra strong for ensuring your buttons stay secure, invisible thread for stitching where you don’t want it seen and embroidery thread which is thinner than machine thread.

You may have a collection of old thread, perhaps handed down, this is fine to use up where strength isn’t an issue but be aware that old thread may become weaker.

If you are building up your thread collection, you may prefer to start with a blending thread bundle as these colours match with a wide variety of fabric colours as indicated by this graphic that went viral in sewing groups recently.

Do you have a particularly fussy machine or a happy workhorse? Which thread does your machine prefer?

Let us know in the comments below or in our Facebook group.

Happy Sewing!

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