Bulk Buys

Multi Buy Discount

We offer you the freedom to choose your own bundles. You can mix and match colours and lengths of fabrics within your order.

Buy 2+ metres in a single category and  start to see the price drop. That could be 50cm of one colour and 150cm of another colour or 4 separate  50cm or even a single colour as a full 2mtr length.

Its then a sliding scale of discounts up to a huge 20% off when you buy 20 items (10mtrs).

Multibuy categories are: Solid 220gsm Jersey, Solid 240gsm Jersey, Ribbing/Cuffs, Solid French Terry, Solid Bamboo Jersey.

Multibuy pricing is also applied to our solid bundles. 

Bulk Buy Print Fabrics

Purchase 5 metres (10 units) of any single print fabric and you’ll automatically get 10% off 

Purchase 10 metres (20 units) and you’ll automatically get 20% off.

Take advantage of these offers anytime without the need for a special code.

(these will not be sent on bolt boards to reduce postage sizes)

Shop print jersey or print french terry now

For even greater discounts on prints check out our Wholesale Category for up to 30% off.