Backing Bibs, Wipes and More – What fabric to choose ?

We get asked all the time for recommendations for fabrics for reusable goods. Here we will give you a quick guide to our different options so you can choose the fabric which is right for you.

The most popular fabric right now for reusable products is the bamboo terry towelling.

Bamboo Terry Towelling Fabric is a lightweight, highly absorbent fabric which has a luxury fabric quality. Here at Caboodle Textiles we stock single sided terry which has loops on one side and a plush surface on the other. It has a particularly luxurious feel to it.

Unlike many towelling fabrics, our Bamboo Terry Towelling is soft to the touch and has a beautiful velvety texture and sheen to it. It stays soft after many washes, is eco friendly and its natural fibres have antibacterial properties.

We also have a double sided version of the Bamboo Terry Towelling which has a higher bamboo content and loops on both sides. The looped surfaces help the fabric grab while you are sewing and many people find it more stable to sew than the plush backed.

Bamboo Terry Towelling Fabric

Bamboo Terry towelling is ideal for wash cloths and wipes, its looped surface has the ability to grab hold of dirt and pull it away. The super soft fibres means that while cleaning efficiently it is also gentle on the delicate skin of little ones.

Our bamboo terry is highly absorbent so is ideal for use in making nappies, bibs and breast pads.

Looking to make wipes for removing make up?

You might wish to choose our Organic Bamboo Velour. This fabric has a very smooth velvety surface. It is super gentle on skin and ideal for using with cleansers for removing make up.

The smooth surface of the velour is also great for use in breast pads and CSP. The hypo allergenic and anti bacterial properties of the bamboo help to keep your body fresh and clean while the thermo regulating properties prevent over heating.

Our Organic Bamboo Velour is made from 70% bamboo and 30% GOTS certified organic cotton, helping you to play a part in using sustainable crops in an environmentally thoughtful way.

Organic Bamboo Velour

Both our bamboo terry and bamboo velour can be used sandwiched between fabrics as an absorbing layer or as an outer surface. Ideal for soaker layers in nappies as they are absorbent without being bulky.

Cheaper options are available for those not wanting to spend on the bamboo. Here at Caboodle Textiles we stock standard Snow white velour and a Stretch Terry which can be used instead of the bamboo options.

Not sure which fabric is right for you? On all our in stock listings we offer the option to order samples of all these fabrics and feel for yourself which is right for your project.

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