Do your tools measure up?

Sewing Set Up

Everyone knows the phrase “Measure Twice Cut Once” and it’s especially true in sewing. Having the right tool for the job helps with this task, making sure your measurements are accurate and clear.

There are a wide variety of measuring tools you can use depending on what you’re measurements. Each tool has it’s pros and cons and knowing what they are and their uses can help you measure correctly first time every time.

Tape Measures

Tape measures are a must have for any sewing kit. You can get cloth ones and metal ones. Cloth ones are more suitable for sewing as they’re more flexible – especially when taking body measurements.

High quality cloth tape measures are plastic coated for durability and strength but some may stretch over time so it’s important to regularly check them against a stiff ruler.

Metal tape measures are useful for measuring distance as you can hook one end to your table – particularly useful if you’re measuring large lengths of fabric.

Animal Retractable Tape Measure
Soft Cloth Tape Measure


Rulers are really useful for cutting out your fabric and patterns.

Plastic rulers are great for their transparency, making it easy to transfer markings or make pattern adjustments.

Metal rulers are useful for ensuring sharp straight cuts.

French curves are also really useful for amending seam allowances and making pattern adjustments.

All types of ruler can be used for measuring hems, seam allowance and much more due to their rigidness.

Quilting Rulers

Quilting rulers are a fantastic alternative to a standard plastic ruler. They are wider and have smaller measurements for fiddly measuring.

The grid style is perfect for marking out angles or making certain pattern adjustments.

They can be found in various sizes from really small to 24″+. There will be a quilting ruler for every project you can think of.

Quilting rulers are not just for quilting, they can be used for any type of measuring fabric or patterns due to their versatility.

Best used with a rotary cutter for ease and speed, or mark directly onto the fabric and cut with scissors.

Sewing Gauges

Sewing gauges are a really easy way to take small measurements. Most feature tiny measurements from 1/8th of an inch. It makes it easy to measure pleats, darts, button holes and hems.

Two of the most popular types are metal with a moving gauge and double sided multi shaped.

Using a sewing gauge makes seam allowances super easy due to the minute measurements. Simply place on your machine and measure the correct seam allowance and mark with some tape.

This nifty gadget makes measuring simple, quick and accurate. A must have for any sewing kit.

Multi Purpose Sewing Gauge

Make sure you have a variety of measuring tools to hand, the key to accurate measuring is having the right tool for the job!

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