Sewing for Spring

Sewing for Spring

We all know that when spring arrives, and boy has it taken its time coming this year, we love to have a clear out of the old and thing about freshening up our lives and our wardrobes. So with the sounds of my son bouncing around in the garden I have been thinking about whats new here at Caboodle and what fabrics I might use to freshen up the family wardrobe and get sewing for Spring.

My son is 4.5 (the .5 is very important at this age) and is into a heady mix of Captain America and Twilight Sparkle (neither of which hes really knows anything about but has somehow latched onto anyway), so anything featuring bright red or purple or sparkles is jumped on when I unroll new deliveries.

He got very excited by the large delivery of bright red jersey which came last week declaring it  “fabulous colour” and the bolt of butterfly rainbow jersey was soon a little shorter as he insisted he needed a t-shirt with 3 rainbows placing up his tummy. The new narwhal print has also been given the thumbs up.

As with all kids of his age he seems to grow constantly with the occasional overnight burst which prompts all trousers to suddenly be too short. So next on my sewing table for Freddie is the MBJM high tide trousers which I’m planning to make from some of the soft corduroy but I’m also going to try a pair in double layered poplin for the warmer days. I was recently reminded that I also have the Twist and Shout pattern from MBJM which I haven’t tried yet so I will be giving that one a go too.

Fredie’s favourite new item of clothing is his transport jumper. While his obsession with trains of all kinds seems to be waning he does still love vehicle clothing. The soft backing of this brushed french terry prompted all sorts of oohs and ahhs on first wear.

This kind of french terry is ideal for this time of the year as the sun begins to shine but there are still plenty of chilly days.

Our go to trousers of late are the Sparkle and Roar comfy legs. Being very tall for his age we mix sizes which seems to work well with this pattern. He particularly suits this style when they’re made from non stretch fabrics such as the cottons available for pre order in our Facebook group right now. What I love about this pattern is I can add longer waist band and cuff on if required without having to make whole new trousers each month.

For jersey fabrics we are a fan of the Elliedactyl Jadyn Party PJ trousers which have the feel of a legging but have colour blocking options too. Freddie wheres these for bed but also for his gym class. Maybe I should make him some red and blue ones so he can really be Captain America.

For me this spring I’m looking to try expanding my wardrobe colours with the wide range of Viscose jersey in stock here. Its got a fabulous floaty feel and I think the time is right for new waterfall cardigans and an attempt at the LAVitaly asymmetric top . Its not something I’ve tried before so I will let you know how it goes. My wardrobe is really in need of a bit of variety adding. I may even try some of the new floral jerseys. No time like the Spring time eh!

My husband is pleased that there is a pre order running for the 100% cotton jersey. Its ideal for his t-shirts so he might finally get a look in on some clothing makes. I’m still looking for the perfect mens tee pattern so if you have one you can recommend please do let me know.

Want to share what you are sewing for spring? Why not join the FB group and get chatting as well as being supported on your sewing journey. You’ll also get access to the cheaper pre orders mentioned in this blog. You can join the group here.

Happy Spring.



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