Solid & Ribbing Colour Matching

Solid & Ribbing Colour Matching

Here at Caboodle Textiles we know what it’s like when you find the perfect print but aren’t sure what solids or ribbing go with it, similarly it can be frustrating to not know which solids colour match to which ribbing to ensure professionally finished garments.

We wanted to make that easier so we implemented a variety of ways you can find out which colours go with your fabric.

Sample Service

Our sample service allows you to purchase samples of our fabrics to match them with fabrics you already have at home and to check the colours, weight and feel of the fabric.

Simply visit the product you’d like to order a sample for and click the button. We do recommend you purchase your chosen fabric soon after recieving your sample to ensure the fabric you receive is from the same batch as your sample.

Product Add-Ons

We want to make it super simple for you to get everything you need at once, so we’ve added the complimentary solids and ribbing to the print listings.


In the majority of our product listings you can find coordinating and contrasting fabric information with a quick to click checkbox if you’d like to add the complimenting fabric to your order. Where possible we’ve included photographs of the fabric with the recommended colours, both as flat lays and made into a garment.

Colour Matching Ribbing

For a lot of sewists, having colour matched solid jersey and ribbing is a must have, and we’ve added a feature to help you understand which of our solids and ribbing matches.

On each listing, there is an accompanying section similar to the product add-ons that explains which of our solids and ribbing match. Sometimes it will say colour match, this means the jersey and the ribbing are the same shade. Sometimes it will highlight that the colour works or is complimentary but is not a direct colour match. Occasionally we’ll include contrasting colours if it has been a particularly popular combination.

Compare Products

When purchasing fabric it can often be helpful to compare fabrics, either to decide which you want or to find matching/ coordinating colours.

You can find out more about our compare products feature here

Contact Us

If you don’t see the information you need on the fabric listing, you can always get in touch and we can provide you with the information and then update it on our website for future reference.

We hope you enjoy these new features and if you wish the website did something it doesn’t already do, tell us! We want to make your shopping experience as exciting as the sewing!


  • I love navy and mustard together. Is it possible for you to suggest a nice combination of jersey or woven fabrics please?

    • Hi, We have coordinate fabrics on many listings showing fabrics that work well together. We are expanding this across all fabrics gradually


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